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Hey guys. So we all know what going green is, right? It's recycling. Saving electricity. All that jazz. What you probably didn't know is that we only have 99 months to do just that: Stop global warming. And that's if we're lucky. Let's do some calculations. 99 months = 8.3 years approx. Yeah. That means you may never get to have kids. Learn to drive. Go to college. Start a business. Fall in love.

Apparently, the arctic circle, is now, indeed, a circle. But a much smaller one. An island, in fact. If it breaks, we all, to put it simply, die. And so does our planet.

So, go to this website: and see how you can help out.

For a start, there's turning off your screen saver. And sending to all your friends.

And copy and paste the link in the box below and share it. Copy the text above if you want. Whatever. Just spread the word. And save the world.

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