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who you are is falling over me...

...and who you are has got me on my knees

Andrea <3
23 October
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About her...
Hi there! I'm Andrea, or Andy or Andie. I'm a girl. Though that was kinda obvious from the title. lol I'm from Malaysia and I love new friends! I can be quite shy, but I can be quite weird too. I LOVE High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and Carrie Underwood. I also love X-Men: Evolution. And Fanfiction. And Friends. And ice cream. And noodles. And rice. I'm also deathly afraid of bugs. I tend to over-analyse. and worry. I'm a worry-wart. I get nervous pretty easily. I'm outgoing with people I'm comfortable with.

___is love...
High School Musical: Troy/Gabriella; Chad/Taylor; Jason/Kelsi; Zeke/Sharpay. Celebs: Zac/Vanessa | Carrie/Chace | Dan/Emma. X-Men: Evolution = Remy/Rogue ~ Scott/Jean ~ Bobby/Jubilee. Friends: Ross/Rachel - Chandler/Monica. Harry Potter: Lily/James ♥ Harry/Ginny ♥ Ron/Hermione ♥ Oliver/Katie.


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